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Do you need awesome, customized music for your project? A soundtrack for your video or sound effects for a game? Or perhaps you already have a track composed, but would like a live violin or piano recording to give it that "human" touch?


For custom tracks and recording requests, I charge on a per minute basis, and pricing depends on complexity and number of tracks needed.

You can get more details by contacting me

Please remember to include the following about your project: 

- Number of tracks needed and approximate minutes

- Style of music needed (Please keep in mind, I am not able to do all styles)

- Reference materials, if possible

- Deadlines

- If you are requesting a live instrument recording, please provide a solo demo of the part as well as sheet music.

I will keep in constant contact with you, and update you with the track's progress. I want you to be 100% happy with your track, so all music will be workshopped until you are satisfied with the way it sounds.

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