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About Rachel

Welcome to IceRequiem Studios!

Rachel Brick is an indie musician and writer in the US. She spent many of her childhood years living overseas in Singapore and Taiwan, having super-soaker fights with family and friends, and battling mosquitoes. She has played the piano since she was four, and picked up the violin in elementary school classes after finding she could not coax a single note out of a flute. She has earned a Performance Diploma from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, based in London, England. 


As an avid gamer, she is inspired mainly by video game music and aims to create strong instrumental tracks with memorable melodies using primarily the piano and violin. For her electronic/classical creations, she loves to fuse dramatic classical motifs with modern electronic elements to create a unique sound. Her orchestral tracks utilize bombastic percussion, sweeping strings, and high-flying violin solos.

Her debut album, Synthetic Soul, was released in 2016 and physical copies sold out at MAGFest. She has also worked with musicians both at home and around the globe. She is also a member of the Materia Collective, a massively diverse army of musicians dedicated to recording, covering and otherwise celebrating the full glory of video game music. Several of her tracks are featured on collaborative albums.

When she is not composing music, she enjoys writing science fiction and daydreaming about future projects. She is immensely grateful to her amazing friends and critique partners for letting her yammer at them about various ridiculous ideas. She has completed one manuscript and is currently seeking representation from literary agents in hopes of becoming traditionally published one day. As an advocate for scientific accuracy in fiction, she has created the "Put the Sci in your Fi" blog series.

Rachel has studied extensively in the  life sciences, earning B.S. degrees in Biotechnology and Immunology/Infectious Diseases from Pennsylvania State University. She continued her academic career at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating with a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Pathology. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

For non-musical, non-writing fun, she enjoys reading, slinging arrows at the archery range, playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends, and making her own game-themed earrings. She also spends a lot of time squeeing over her bird and cute animal videos. She goes to the gym, too, but doesn't consider that fun—more of a grudging acquiescence. 

A more detailed behind-the-scenes (and random recipes) account of her journey can be found on her WordPress blog! You can also find her on just about any other social media platform, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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